About Duane Boise

Duane Boise, the President and CEO of EMed Jamaica, has dedicated his career to improving the health industry, seeking individualized health solutions for communities and people who require emergency medical services. He strives to revolutionize the care industry by providing a steady supply of safe and cost-efficient patient care services by encouraging better collaboration and performance at the point of care.

With an efficient combination of ambulance, air ambulance, local health care services and health information technology systems and cooperation from health care providers and physicians, Duane Boise is certain it is possible to provide highly efficient patient support during medical emergencies. This method is not only effective during emergencies, but has also proved quite useful for prevention, early disease detection,care management and research purposes.

Duane Boise’s vision was inspired by a chance encounter in the Caribbeans in 1990, when he was on a vacation and one of the hotel guest’s suffered a mild heart attack and air evacuation needed to be arranged. Mr. Boise was then the interim CEO of Falkirk Hospital in Central Valley New York and immediately noted the need of efficient emergency medical services in that region. He then developed an expansive emergency medical evacuation system for Jamaica and the Caribbean region.

Duane Boise has built a positive reputation for himself within the Jamaican Community and his non-profit involvement has earned him a corporate citizenship in the community. Mr. Boise’s strong executive background gives him an edge with his work on the emergency medical enterprise, while his deep empathy for people and social issues gives meaning and purpose to his unique work.


• Sales and Business Development
• Executive / C-Level Relationships
• Strategic Sales and Market Planning
• Sales Channel Management
• Banking Product Development
• Hospital / Healthcare Markets
• Healthcare/Public Safety Sector Sales & Market Gap Analysis
• Air ambulance, ground ambulance logistics
• Emergency medical management
• Profit and Loss (P&L) Management
• Solutions Sales
• Product Development
• Software / Services Sales and Support
• Sales Team Training
• Product Strategies

Duane Boise has proven expertise in building strategic and innovative partnerships, developing creative sales solutions, building and leading high-performance sales channels and capturing new business market share in the healthcare, high technology and wireless sector. A sales and strategic business development executive leader who increases sales and revenues in both turnaround and start-up roles.

Duane excels at connecting and building executive/c-level relationships, leading high performing sales channels and strategic alliance partners that improve sales opportunities and increase market share. He has the skill to see the big picture and the ability to tie the technical aspects, sales and operations organizations together to design and then execute winning business strategies.