When Google announced in January that it was pulling its line of smart glasses off the shelves, many were quick to label Google Glass and emergency telemedicine a “bust.” Fortunately, the product’s failure as a consumer product has stimulated other telemedicine enterprise solutions, especially in the healthcare sector.

For example, EMED, a Kingston, Jamaican based ground ambulance, air ambulance, and medical concierge company is now offering telemedicine services, and is behind the first line of ground ambulance and air ambulances in the Caribbean region to use EMED TELEMEDICINE to visually connect patients and paramedics in the field to doctors. “This week, the company is rolling out 3 ambulances with telemedicine enabled devices that feature software enabling paramedics to transmit live audio and video to hospitals and doctors anywhere in the world” said Duane Boise President & Ceo of EMED. Prior to this development, paramedics would have to communicate with doctors via a two-way radio or a cell phone. With EMED’s new telemedicine application , the paramedics can now send real-time footage of the patient directly to a hospital tablet or desktop while the ambulance is en-route. This provides doctors with critical visual information even before the patient arrives. EMED was demoing its telemedicine program this week at the TRYALL Club in Montego Bay Jamaica; check it out: www.emedhealthtechnology.com

“At EMED, we work hard to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to equipping our ambulances with the latest medical technology innovations,” said EMED CTO Bipin Thomas. “The EMED telemedicine technology is particularly helpful in medical situations involving health risks that require visual assessment for treatment, such as trauma, burns, cardiac arrest, strokes and seizures.” Also, because privacy is a major concern with, especially when it pertains to health data, the company spent two years developing the program, complying with every HIPAA regulation regarding security and patient privacy. Explained Duane Boise,

“You’ll never find a cookie-cutter approach with EMED. We always look for ways to help our partner hospitals and doctors to operate more safely and efficiently. We’re known for customizing our services, and training and educating EMED and EMT staff, to meet the specific needs of our partners, and we’re approaching our rollout of the EMED Telemedicine platform with this same commitment to excellence.”

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