EMED JAMAICA Uses Video Telemedicine Technology While Transporting Ground & Air Ambulance Patients

EMED, Jamaica’s premier ground, air ambulance and medical assistance company, today announced that it is providing transportation to hospitals and other healthcare sites throughout the Caribbean region, utilizing video telemedicine technology as an experiment in an effort to provide better care for patients.

“EMED offers an integrated air ambulance, ground ambulance and medical assistance service program. EMED offers services for local Jamaicans, United State citizens and Canadian citizens who are vacationing in the Caribbean and are in need of emergency medical assistance. EMED uses sophisticated technology solutions which allow health data to get to EMED’s care providers within the critical time period needed to result in a positive patient outcome,” said Duane Boise, the company’s President and CEO.

With EMED’s already advanced patient transportation capabilities, the venture with video telemedicine technology does not come as a surprise. The company will be installing a 911 emergency button in its websites allowing for an EMT, nurse and patient, all to be connected by way of the Internet. This will allow EMED EMT’s to transmit live video and audio from an ambulance to a doctor in an emergency who will be able to watch the video stream on a tablet or desktop computer. Virtual medical exams where doctors in distant locations evaluate patients online are nothing new. Video consultations have traditionally connected patients in rural areas to specialists at urban medical centers.

EMED offers the potential to expand video interactions into all corners of the health care industry due to its mobility. Plans are set to begin testing the video telemedicine platform with Health City in Cayman Islands later this month. The EMED telemedicine platform that will be sending the patient information to a doctor, hospital, or other health care provider is HIPPA compliant with an advanced encryption technology that protects the privacy of the patients personal health information. “EMED also has created a virtual waiting room which will be integrated into its websites so patients can securely talk face to face with a member of the EMED care team, at any time, through any smart phone, tablet or computer.” says, Bipin Thomas, EMED’s Chief Technology Officer. This new EMED experimental video telemedicine technology allows EMED’s doctors and nurses to provide care to many Caribbean citizens living in rural areas without easy access to medical centers.

A recent study released by a US based health care system reported that; Home telehealth services reduced hospital admissions by 35% and further reduced bed days of care by 59%. This potentially could reduce the accident and emergency room long waiting periods for the Jamaican public health care system, and also reduce the spreading of germs. In the near future EMED will be adding a remote patient monitoring system for patients to use at their home. This will keep patients linked to the EMED care team allowing for updated health information to be transmitted. It also will help stem the spread of infectious diseases and virus’s.

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