Rea Chin Bowen is an 11 year old Jamaican girl who has been faced with a journey that no child deserves. She has had 3 major surgeries in the past 6 weeks and is still in a critical state. The local Jamaican hospital has categorically stated that they are no longer able to provide her with the emergency care that she needs right now. EMED, Jamaica’s air and ground ambulance company provided emergency medical evacuation services to save Rea. The family is in need o funds to pay for her treatment expenses at a Florida hospital that can hopefully increase her chances at survival.

The first surgery involved the removal of her ovary which was completely devoured by a tumor which was partially cancerous at stage 1 grade 2. The 2nd surgery came just 1 week later with the clearing of an intestinal blockage and the removal of the omentum. With further surgery complications such as adhesions on the intestines, inability to eat solid food for weeks, significant weight loss and general deterioration of the body. The 3rd surgery started with the hope to complete an intestinal bypass via the duodenum. However, they discovered further masses on the intestines.

EMED was the only hope to have her transferred to a hospital that was properly equipped with a competent paediatric hematology and oncology unit. Please help us to get her the medical assistance that she needs to live.


EMED air and ground ambulance provides life saving services

EMED air and ground ambulance provides life saving services

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